Sillin – Half Shorts

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Designed to fit your body

All shorts have a medium-high
compression, with a low shape in the abdominal
and lumbar area, so they can enhance the
breathing and also offer a comfortable grip


Specifically for the female figure
This pad has been designed and created especially for
a woman’s body and it guarantees excellent comfort
and optimum performance. It contains two foams of
different densities. Also, it has a porous exterior that
allows for the correct breath-ability and quick-drying


Seamless adherence and compression

System designed to obtain the closest fit possible with the least amount of pressure
possible. Also seamless to improve comfort, reduce friction and aid in good
circulation in the legs.



2 reviews for Sillin – Half Shorts

  1. Sue Thomas

    These have become my favorite shorts! The length of the short is flattering and the leg grips keeps the short in place from start to finish, The material is impressive: it stays dry and keeps it shape. The pad is remarkably comfortable. I liked so much I bought second pair and added a jersey too. The jersey offers the same great quality & features for comfort. Thank you for making my rides more enjoyable.

  2. TC

    I got these shorts at Louisville cyclery and absolutely love the feel. From the moment you put them on, to the after miles of sweating it out on the saddle. The chamois is by far the most comfortable, while keeping you incredibly dry. This is one short you won’t want to pass by.

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