Sillin – Bib Shorts

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Designed to fit your body

All bibs have a medium-high compression, with a low shape in the abdominal and lumbar area, so they can enhance the breathing and also offer a comfortable grip feeling.


Closure located in the lower back area, which has an easy-open mechanism in order to allow the cyclist to go to the restroom without having to remove the jersey or jacket.


Flat seams to avoid unnecessary friction

Flat, elastic seam made with a specialized machine in order to avoid stains, scratches and possible irritants to the skin.


Visibility as a security element

Visibility is very important. That’s why we incorporated a reflective strip to increase the visibility when riding with low light. Very effective as a road safety element.


Seamless adherence and compression System designed to obtain the closest fit possible with the least amount of pressure
possible. Also seamless to improve comfort, reduce friction and aid in good
circulation in the legs.


This polypropylene elastic strap structure has been ergonomically designed to guarantee that it adapts excellently to a woman’s body without restricting movement. It has a Click-Clack clasp closure, so it’s easier to go to the restroom without having to remove the jersey or jacket.


Specifically for the female figure

This pad has been designed and created especially for a woman’s body and it guarantees excellent comfort and optimum performance. It contains two foams of different densities. Also, it has a porous exterior that allows for the correct breath-ability and quick-drying



5 reviews for Sillin – Bib Shorts

  1. cindy

    Wore my bib shorts for the first time! They are super comfortable for the following reasons:
    1. Pad does not bunch up while riding
    2. Pad does not have seams that irritate your bottom
    3. Pad is anatomically correct for women
    4. The shorts are very easy to get on and off when one must use the bathroom. The clip in the back is super easy to fasten.
    5. The legs stay in place, do not creep up (which can then cause the pad bunch)
    6. The bib adds coverage in the front when you want to unzip your jersey while climbing, and provides warmth while descending.
    I give these 5 thumbs up.

  2. Nathalie Wilson

    A perfectly designed bib for women would normally be an oxymoron, but Pétalos has nailed it! These are my favorite bike shorts. I rode some serious miles in these in a very hot sun, and they held tight, stayed in place, and the chamois kept me dry and free of chaffing for my entire 3-hour ride. The clip in the back makes nature calls easy — no more getting completely naked in the porta-pottie. If you ride, you need these bibs in your arsenal.

  3. Kasey Clark

    I probably won’t ever wear plain old cycling shorts again, these bibs are just too comfy!
    The back closure is easy to use and I like that the front of the bibs has a bit more coverage and material.
    It added extra warmth during today’s fall ride, and I’m guessing it will be perfect for keeping the bugs out of your sports bra when you unzip your jersey in the summer to cool down!
    Can’t say enough about the chamois-I always wore chamois cream prior to wearing Petalos bibs, and now I think I will get rid of all the chamois cream that I have in the bathroom!
    You just don’t need it, the chamois is that great.
    Can’t wait to get back out on the bike in these bibs!

  4. Claudia

    These bib shorts are the greatest! The chamois keeps me comfy on long rides – no chafing or irritation, EASY to work when you need a pit stop, and leg grippers keep them from riding up without ‘sausage leg’. Materials used fits like a glove throughout and keeps the chamois in place. These bibs are, by far, the most comfortable cycling shorts!

  5. Nodecoro

    Do not waste your time on “nature break bibs” or shorts by other makers. I tried on and rejected bibs by Pearl Izumi, Assos, Club Ride, Specialized, Sugoi, Terry, Giro, and rejected shorts by 7 Mesh, Castelli, SheBeest, Gore, POC, and Garneau. All crap although expensive. I did not try Velecio because of the zipper design and leg band. Then there is Petalos! I bought these at Schwab Cycles, and I am now brand loyal to Petalos! The Sillin bibs get 5 stars from me with their comfortable design and high quality fabric and stitching. The chamois is stiched “zig-zag” but there is no bunching or weird diaper affect, and no chafing, which is a surprise because in other brands this type of stitching means poor quality. Petalos managed to figure out the right construction that we all wish for but never get! The medium is true to size for me at 5’5″ and 130 lbs, average torso length, and slim thighs. The inseam length measures 9″. The bib and strap portions can stretch to accommodate a taller/longer torso. The fabric had the perfect amount of compression to hold you in…figure flattering and practical for muscle support! You have to get these on at a dealer which is better than the futile process of buying on-line. Worth every penny. Worth the drive to your local dealer. You finally can have it all!

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